Types of Dental Implants

Dental Implant is a process where the dentist would replace a missing tooth. It is basically an artificial tooth. Dental implants usually happens and are commonly recommended when a person wants to replace their lost tooth due to an injury or periodontal disease. When this happens that person needs to understand his or her tooth replacement options. There are a few types of dental implants that are considered to be safe, Endosteal and Suberiosteal Implants. But there is also another implant that most people does not know about and most dentists does not usually recommend, the Zygomatic Implants. To know more about these implants, read more below.

Endosteal Implants are the most common and safest type of dental implant. This implant is implanted surgically directly to the patient’s jawbone. It is usually followed by a second surgery to connect a post to the original implant after the gum tissue has healed. This implant is suited and mostly recommended for almost all patients, but they practically require you to have a good and healthy jawbone.

Subperiosteal Implants are considered to be an alternative to endosteal implants. This implant is applicable and most effective to patients who have minimal bone height or jawbone for an implant to be placed. During this process, the implants are placed on top of the jaw using a metal framework but still attached under the gum.

Zygomatic Implants are usually the most uncommon type of implants. it is the process of placing the implant in the patient’s cheekbone rather than their jawbone. This implant is not usually recommended by dentist, but still can be considered.

Dental implants are not really suitable for everyone. It is important for patients to have at least a little knowledge about the process of these implants before considering having one. But do not worry to much, your dentist will definitely advice the perfect procedure suited for you. And hopefully, these information also gave you an idea about dental implants.