Survival Without Water

In order to survive as a human being, one needs water. Approximately 60%of our body consist of water.Human can survive without food for about three weeks but not more than four days without water.Although water is life ,there are some places where this water is a problem.You can not sit back and wait for death because there is no water.Survival without water is possible but the chances are low. We went and asked the experts fromĀ some strategies and tips on how to survive without water if you are stuck in desert or somewhere else.

Motivate Yourself
Besides the fact that you can’t survive without water for long,you have not to lose hope.Dehydration can cause confusion and heartbreak.All you need to do, is try finding water.

Avoid sweating
If you already have no water, you must conserve the little you have in the body.You will avoid sweating by limiting activities you engage in.Don’t go running to search for water.This will bring no advantage but speed up the dehydration and end up not surviving.

Look For A Banana Tree
If you are in the wilderness and there seems no hope to get water,look for a banana tree.Usually it contains a lot of water and can be of great benefit to you.With the help of a sharp object,drill it’s stem towards the bottom of the tree and place a collecting jar.As the roots draw fluids up the stem ,your jar will be filled with water.

Let Gravity Work For You
It’s evident that water will flow downward.Walk downward too.By so doing you will use very little energy to walk since you are moving same direction as gravity.There is a probability to find some fluids from the most down parts. You can otherwise hack your way to a cactus plant.Squeeze water from it or suck it but don’t eat the pulp.

Look For Snow
The probability of finding a stream in the desert is close to null. It’s therefore advisable to look for snow instead.You can track snow by following animals since they are likely to know where they can find some cool temperatures. Once you find the ice ,don’t take it while it’s still frozen.Instead let it melt first then drink the water.Taking frozen ice will lower you body temperature but dehydrate you on the other hand.