Plastic or leather holster: How to choose the right holster

Plastic or leather holster: How to choose the right holster

When it comes to holsters, it all comes down to the same age-old question of leather or plastic? The answer usually comes down to preference. While leather is a favorite among most shooting enthusiasts, they both have their pros and cons.

First, leather is aesthetically appealing. Leather is a high-quality material and will rarely collapse when drawing your gun, unlike plastic. The soft feel of leather holsters makes them pretty comfortable for daily use. Leather holsters smell good and remind shooters of the early history of handguns.

Plastic holsters on the other hands are virtually maintenance free. They are pretty easy to clean by wiping and maintain their shape over time. For plastic, what you see is what you will have through the years. The fact that they are also cheap makes them appealing for first-time gun owners.

The cons of each material

On the downside, plastic holders are not molded to your body and will definitely feel uncomfortable when worn for long periods. Plastic collapses the moment you draw your gun. You will need to hands to open the holster and put your gun back.

Leather holders, on the other hand, are quite sensitive to moisture, temperature and humidity. They require diligent maintenance and don’t dry easily. The leather will require a break-in period before you can safely put your gun back. Of course, leather is also expensive, and you will have to dig deep.

In a nutshell, both materials are excellent for gun holsters, and the choice comes down to what works for you. The two materials do share a lot of things in common. They all accommodate a wide range of guns.

If you have to go for leather, then choose thick and quality leather. Test it to ensure it fits your gun before buying. The gun should snugly fit but not too tight.