Machine gun

Machine guns appeared in the second half of the 19th century. The first worthy machine gun was the famous Gatling machine gun which was usually built on while with many barrels. Gatling registered a patent on this machine gun and the cycle of loading and shooting was operated by a handle that was turned by the team members. In 1883 appeared the true real first machine gun – The Maxim machine gun. This was invented in order to use the recoil and the gas that are created during the shooting. This energy allows another shooting cycle. Beside that the machine gun had a water cooling system for the barrel and it was called the Devil’s painting brush because it painted the battle field in red.

In the beginning of the 20th century we already had the famous M2 that was invented by John Browning and the Vickers machine gun. In the second world war the machines became lighter and more compatible. Together with the automatic assault rifles we had smaller and more reliable machine guns.

During the cold war Belgium took the lead against the USSR with the Mag and the Minimi, both from the FN Herstal factory and both became the standard machine guns of NATO. The company also tried to create a heavy machine gun but didn’t succeed so well and the Browning M2 remained the leading one in his category. The M2 remained so prominent until today that in the beginning of our century a fast barrel change kit was developed which made the machine gun much more reliable and operational and was named QCB.