Industrial sniper rifles

Many cooperation companies today in the United states and Eurpoe are manufacturing and selling snipers rifles. In the US many rifles of this sort are different mutations or upgrades of hunting rifles, since in the states hunting is a very popular sport. For example the Hermington 700 model is consider very reliable and accurate and it’s the basis of military snipers rifles such as the M24 SWS and the Tango 51 which is maybe the most accurate rifle in the world today (depends who you ask). You can also find the Brothers Macmilian rifles in this category with a very long range and pretty accurate. Among these you can find the TAC-338 and the TAC-50. Also the famous Barret is in the same category with the half an inch caliber of the Barret M82A1.

In Europe you can find the British Accuracy International Arctic Warfare rifles. These are really amazing rifles that can operate in extreme conditions, have a very long range and are pretty accurate. In the mainland and specifically in France you can find the PGM Precision with the PGM 338 and also the German Mauser-Werke Oberndorf Waffensysteme GmbH, Heckler & Kochh and Steyer.  

We measure accuracy by MOA = Minute of arc which means what is the maximum angle between the point of the target and the hits in relation to the rifles barrel. So for example a rifle with 1 MOA means that the maximum spreads of hits is 1/047 inch for a 100 yard range or 2.9 cm for a 100 meters range. Maximum spread means the maximum distance between the 2 hits which are the further away from one another in a spread.  So a rifle with 1 MOA will give a maximum spread of 23 cm for a 800 meters range. And it means you will surely hit a man in a range of 800 meters and below.