How Can a Bulletproof Backpack Protect your Child?

How Can a Bulletproof Backpack Protect your Child?

You might have heard about bulletproof backpacks and might be wondering do you actually need to buy one for your child. Yes, investing in a bulletproof backpack is the need of the hour and can save your child from aggressive and violent bullet attacks.

Types of Bulletproof Backpacks

You can have 2 types of bulletproofing in your child’s backpack:

1.Bulletproof Backpack

A bulletproof backpack contains a bulletproof plate stitched inside it for protecting your child from the bullets. These plates are made of Level IIIA synthetic fiber material which is tested and proven to protect bullet attacks.

2.Bulletproof Insert Panels

As these bulletproof bags are costly, there’s another cost-effective alternative as well. You can also buy these bulletproof insert panels alone for placing inside your child’s ordinary backpack and they serve the same purpose.

3. Kids bulletproof backpack – made especially for kids

Do Bulletproof Backpacks Actually Work?

These bulletproof backpacks have been tested by the manufacturers and police officers for finding out their level of protection and security. They shot different sorts of bullets from pistols, guns and rifles form different distances to see how well this backpack can resist a bullet. Findings of most of these tests suggest that bullets from a pistol-like 40-caliber, don’t penetrate into the protective plate of this bag, while an AR-15 rifle bullet, being much more powerful than that can penetrate in it reaching the books inside the bag. So we can say that these bulletproof backpacks are good for protecting children from bullet attacks, as the books inside the bag are also there to add a protective layer against short distance rifle attacks.

Parents now prefer buying bulletproof backpacks for added security against bullet attacks. When they discuss it with their kids, they also start realizing the importance of wearing bullet-resistant backpacks for keeping themselves well-protected. The cost of a bulletproof backpack is definitely much higher than any ordinary school backpack, but its function, use, and benefits worth it.