When carrying a gun you want to make sure no one gets hurt,
including yourself. Placing a gun in would be silly. You need to place your gun
in a holster. Thus, holsters are very important for those of you who carry guns
to help hold it. Here are few facts you need to know about holsters.

What are holsters made of?

Your revolvers need to be placed comfortably and safely. The
material used to make holsters, thus, need to support those purposes. Normally
you can find holsters made of plastic, nylon, and leather. Leather holsters for
revolvers are probably the most recommended. Leather is a very strong material.
It is difficult to break items made of leather. Based on that fact alone, it
can be assured that your revolver would be held safely. You don’t need to worry
your revolver would drop unintentionally or anything. Leather holsters are
strong enough to even hold heavy metal.

Where can you place holsters?

Holsters can be placed in various areas around your body.
However, you need to make sure that your guns are not necessarily easily
visible to others.

1. Around your hip or waist

The most common area to place your holster is probably
around your hip or waist. If you place it around your hip or waist, normally
the holster needs to be attached to your belt or pants. The good thing about
placing your gun and holster around your hip or waist is that your gun can be
easily reached for emergency.

2. On the sides of your body

Another area where people normally place holsters is on the
sides of their body. To do this, you would need a special gear around your
waist to hold the holster itself. The gear is commonly known as shoulder
holsters. The idea of shoulder holsters it that it can hold your gun and
holster by having it wrapped around you via your shoulder. Placing it on the
side of your body makes it even easier to reach. Please not that if you are a
normal civilian, it would be best to put it under your shirt or T-shirt so no
one can see it.

3. Around your legs or thigh

Even more extreme, people also like to place their revolvers
on their legs, especially women. Now this is a sexy image. You should not
imagine having your stocking holding your gun, which is pretty silly. There is
a special holster that comes with a belt looking gear to wrap around your

4. On your ankles

Probably, one other common place you see people place there
holster is around their ankles. This is good for your secondary revolver, not
your main revolver. The reason is because it is difficult to reach, especially
if you are in a standing position.

How much does a holster cost?

If you are looking to buy one, you need to know that the
prices do vary. Probably, in the market you can get a holster for around $15 at
the least. However, a holster might also cost you up to hundreds of dollar. It
all depends on the brand and the material used to name a few. One thing you
need to note, sometimes prices won’t lie. The pricier it gets, the better the
item is. And, the better probably means it is safer as well.

Before buying a holster, you need to
make sure you have the revolver first. This is to make ensure that the revolver
fits smoothly into the holster. Another thing is, no matter which holster you
end up buying, holsters shouldn’t be bought based on style. Safety should come
first when considering a holster.