Glock pistol

Glock is a half automatic handgun named after the Glock company, it shoots 9 mm rounds and its the first handgun designed by the Austrian company Glock. It is unique since in its making many of its parts were the first to combine plastic polymers into it. It was first introduced to the Austrian army in the 1980 with the 17 model under the name P80. In the beginning people thought that the gun was completely made of plastic and thus cannot be revealed in a metal detector but that was a wrong assumption: many parts including the barrel were made of metal. The Glock 17 got its name due to the 17th patent registered by Geston Glock. It’s barrel length is 14.4 cm and it weighs 625 gram. You can use it under water or with a silencer. It can hold 17 bullets plus one in the barrel.

In 1988 the company started making the Glock 19. It is also 9 mm. And it was a small version of the Glock 17. It is used by many armed forces around the world and it is very popular for self defense. Many organizations use the Glock 19 for people with small palms. If the Glock 17 is for regular people then the 19 is for smaller palms. What we have today is the 5th generation model after many improvements of the original handgun. It is a very reliable gun and was chosen by the Israeli police and special units as the official gun. It can hold 15 rounds in its stack and the barrel length is 17.4 cm so you see it is longer than the 17th and also weighs more like 850 gram.