Getting Used To Things You Don’t Even Know You Value – the Mindset Shift

We’ve all been there. You’re spending too much time chasing your passions and accumulating stuff, failing to put out the fires of love that are burning within you. I’ve tried these brainstorming sessions several times recently and you’d better believe I had in mind both the negative and positive elements of my own mind. If you’ve ever gotten a painful pinch at a nerve. If the pain doesn’t go away when you take time off to stretch, see a doctor – all of these demonstrations of attachment help us ditch the “stuff” our “adults” think we don’t “even care about.

This isn’t to say that these things should never be mentioned. Taking time to look at external evidence for yourself and your inability to exit the “trash” can help you break the vicious circle created by our world-view. Sometimes it’s easier just to go and do sport and shut your head for a while or go to sleep. For me personally – I just wear my best tuckable holster or Pancake Holster and take my handgun and go to shoot some rounds.

These insights will teach you to create compatible attitudes and beliefs so that you feel that “stuff” hardly matters most of all. Finally, you will have a way of remaining detached and not attempting to implore, plead and beg in exchange for the thing or behavior you truly think needs fixing. I’m writing all of this from my own personal experience: Up to about six months ago I refused even to answer an estimated six or seven questions. My self-esteem had gotten pummeled at the “are you” pitch even before I parted ways with my spouse.

Whenever I answered honestly and energetically I responded to these letters/emails/emails with respect, make-believe, pride, confusion, sadness, elation. Of course, it came as a complete shock to me, and I still recall the descriptions that came with them. The problem is if you feel down is to reach out for a friend and see how you can better improve your state. I know that I helped a lot of people to get out from bad mood and get on with their lives, it’s challenging but possible.

Finally, “growing up” we can survive without being the hero in all battles, the best guy at every meet-and-greet. Remember,  we’re always on the brink of learning new things all the time: defining our brief lives, reading our futures, shrinking our past.  Of course, we ignore them. However, that’s up to us – the people. But it is time we chose not to ignore the gifts they bring for us today, and tomorrow.