5 Types of Body Armors That Will Save Your Life

Body armor or a bulletproof vest is designed to stop injuries to those sensitive critical organ systems located in your upper chest and abdominal regions. Body armor is a shield of the breast by slowing the bullet down and dispersing that energy over the full area of the bulletproof vest. Furthermore, the improvement in ammunition technology has lead to the development of various types of body shields.

Army men, police personnel, and private security guards mainly use these bulletproof vests. Today, the need for protection is more real than ever before with high profile celebrities and professionals fearing for their lives, even in everyday situations. This is what makes bulletproof body armor an essential part of everyday wear.

Dragonskin armor: This type of armor is made of small spherical discs. Silicon carbide ceramic is used on the discs, which is overlaid one over the other similarly as that of fish scales. The unique design of this armor offers greater flexibility and protects the body from the many hits.

A lightweight concealable vest: This is made from flexible synthetic fibers which are woven tightly together. You could wear this vest comfortable under a jacket without anyone seeing it. In general, the less visible and lighter vest cannot provide a lot of protection. At best, this vest can give you protection from the small caliber guns. However, some brands will offer better security and body coverage even though the vests are lighter in weight.

Personnel Kevlar vest: This type of armor is made of thick Kevlar filler. The vest has various segments to offer a better fit. This type of Kevlar vest has two frontal pockets, two hangers to hold grenade, pin-shaped shoulder pads, a h collar, and butt patches at the shoulder area to carry a rifle.

A tactical vest: You can get the most protection from this bulletproof vest because it is made to protect against the high-caliber guns such as the military rifles. Furthermore, this type of vest must satisfy and pass the Type IV or III ratings because they are generally used and worn by the police and military personnel. This vest is made from Kevlar, thick fiber and has built-in ceramic bulletproof ballistic plates.

Contemporary bulletproof vests are primarily made out of dozens of layers of tightly-woven material, largely Kevlar. It is these layers that are sealed together into a durable vest-shaped sheet to protect better someone who uses them in the event of a gunshot attack. Usually, the vests that allow for bulletproof plates which are made of boron carbide provide extra protection! When a bullet or any form of shrapnel piece hit the ballistic vest, the impact produced disbands through the different layers of fibers within the vest.

These vests contain sturdy layers of fibers which are tested with actual ammunition. Immediately the gun releases its shot and hits the vest; the bullet is mushroomed into a flat shape or deformed according to the impact. The energy from the bullet is then released over the fabric until speed fully stops. Of course, the type of bulletproof plates or armors’ ability to repel bullets must be in tandem to the rifle use.